Ten tasks small business owners should consider outsourcing

By 700c Monday, August 29, 2016

It’s tempting to try and do everything yourself when you’re a small business owner, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do that effectively. By delegating or outsourcing some tasks, you’ll free up time to concentrate on the key elements of running a successful business. Here are our top ten suggested tasks to handover to somebody else.


Our number one tip is to hire an accountant – most small business owners will benefit from hiring a professional rather than trying to do their accounts and taxes on their own. It can cost as little as £100 per month and you may even find you save money as they’ll be able to advise on all the deductible expenses and tax implications.


If you’re producing flyers, brochures or posters then hire a professional to do the design and layout for you. Unless you’re artistically talented then trying to do it yourself can be counterproductive and give the wrong impression of your business.


If you’re launching or refreshing your website, then get a developer to do the work for you. They’ll be able to create an easy to use, stylish website, which you’ll be able to maintain yourself going forwards – and if anything goes wrong down the line, they’ll be able to help you fix it.


Use a professional to draw up contracts and agreements – doing it yourself may seem like a cheaper option but could prove costly if you get it wrong.

Data entry and filing

Your time is your most valuable asset so use it wisely. If you have large amounts of data to enter, or filing to do, outsource it. If you’re looking for someone to help out for a few hours every week or on an ad-hoc basis, then there are online platforms like TaskRabbit or PeoplePerHour where you can easily find people looking for this sort of work.


You may thing you’re the ideal person to market your business but it’s worth enlisting a marketer or marketing agency if you want your launch to gain traction and really see results. To run a successful marketing campaign you need specialist skills and experience – trying to do it yourself could mean you spend a lot of money without gaining any new business.


Another one for the professionals – businesses are so reliant on technology these days that you can’t afford to get this one wrong. From making sure your cyber security is up to scratch to being on hand if your systems go down, an IT specialist is a must.

Content and copywriting

Use a copywriter to write your website copy, brochures and leaflets – that way they’ll work effectively and appeal to your target market. You can find copywriters online, and engage them on a job by job basis. It’s worth thinking about commissioning some regular content for your website too – to give people a reason to keep visiting.

Social media

It’s a social world nowadays, so share your website news, articles and blog posts online. By getting someone to manage your social media for a few hours each week you could widen your business opportunities and attract new customers.


Hire a cleaner to keep your shop looking spick and span. And why not think about getting a cleaner for home too, that way you can relax when you finally open your front door!

This article is based on an article originally published on the Hiscox UK business blog where you’ll find a wide range of articles and videos offering tips, advice and inspiration for small businesses.



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